Sites We're Loving Vol. 2

Here are some of the websites that have been inspiring our team this season.

A good website communicates the problem a brand is solving. A truly great website does that in a unique, memorable way that adds to an overall brand experience.

Horizontal Scroll/Design

These sites put a simple spin on traditional web layouts by emphasizing a horizontal layout. While this may seem like a limited approach in terms of space, the following brands use a sideways format to drive narrative through linear movement.

The LA Art Box

A hybrid concept for learning and connecting

The intentionally minimal approach paired with strong messaging directly communicates the mission and purpose of this communal space.

Scepter & Sword

Majestic wines made from noble vines

The dark, rich photography style in conjunction with the horizontal scroll effect adds to the sleek, imposing feel of the regal wines they offer.


Arch support insoles designed for a “jump in feet first and do your best” feeling

As you scroll the site, color blocking, the bold palette, and custom mascots help to communicate the friendly, comfortable nature of the brand.

Bright & Bold

Delassus Group

A Moroccan grower of snacking tomatoes, citrus, grapes, avocados, and flowers

The Delassus Group presents its offering in an extraordinarily unique way. Instead of using photography to highlight the things they grow, they use crafty animations, scroll effects, and bold colors to drive home the idea that they do things differently.

Cuvee Coffee

Always something brewing

The Cuvee brand is no stranger to lighthearted, vibrant energy. Messaging is limited to keep things feeling cohesive and simple amidst a number of playful brand elements like color, type, and custom badges & icons.


Cutting edge oral wellness

The Twice site is rooted in yellow, a bold choice for a brand primarily selling toothpaste. The color-blocking style and large sections of messaging with a unique serif font help to keep brand messaging at the front of audiences' minds as they explore the site.

Interactive Elements

Hi Fly

Commercial aircraft

Ever wondered what the inside of your plane looks like? With descriptive messaging and high-quality photography, Hi Fly gives audiences a transparent look at a new way to fly.


It's just apples

Make a virtual glass of cider through an interactive, action simulator. This simple game helps audiences understand the process and ingredients that go into a bottle of Apps cider.


A new way to play with type

Typography with a rich history. This unique site allows audiences to view, customize, and experiment with a new typeface before purchasing.

Have you been inspired by any sites lately?

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