Sites We're Loving

In need of inspiration? Look no further.

A great website pushes the boundaries of what’s expected and forces audiences to look at things a little differently. Here’s a roundup of 10 sites we’re loving right now.


A website exploring the evolution of probiotics.

Scroll-based animation takes users on a journey through the science of probiotics. Seed and Seed Health both use stunning photography, an elegant balance of white space, and dynamic motion to make learning about microbes exciting.


An inventive platform walkthrough.

Ever feel like you don’t know enough about a platform to get started? Zenefits has got you covered, with a scroll-based narrative that takes you through the different interfaces of their platform. With a bright and simple color scheme, their website draws your eyes to the incredible benefits they provide.

Simply Chocolate

An inside look at what makes a quality bar of chocolate.

The magic of a great bar of chocolate lies within. Simply Chocolate’s website features scroll-tied effects which reveal the key ingredients that make up their chocolates. With bold colors, a vertical navigation menu, and custom photography, their site feels utterly delectable.

Swab the World

A colorful, exciting world health platform.

Say goodbye to the traditional healthcare approach. Swab the World makes things fun, conversational, and approachable with bright colors, dynamic motion, and extra bold type styles.


An artist's biography told through scrolling effects.

The coffee table book, reimagined. As you scroll, this website takes you through the biography of Andy Warhol, with visual effects that mimic his classic pop-culture style.

Porter Robinson

A web experience utilizing three.js to reimagine a traditional web layout.

Porter Robinson’s site is redefining the perception of what a musician's website can look like. By using three.js to create custom 3D graphics, Robinson’s website transports its audience to another realm where music reigns supreme.


An eCommerce website with a clear brand story.

Bright and clean photography, playful hover effects that support the brand narrative, and witty headlines help the Bragg brand feel as fresh and vibrant as their products.

Nobell Foods

A look at dairy-free foods without any of the cheesy details.

This website keeps it simple, using bright colors, hand-drawn elements, and scrolling effects to show the benefits of plant-based alternatives. They expertly balance whimsy with key information, furthering their narrative while maintaining a sense of playfulness.

A digital experience that puts a new twist on product benefits.

Scroll-tied animations, hover effects, and floating objects make Rù’s website more than a product storefront, but a digital experience.


A new way to learn the rules of the game.

With scroll-based storytelling, vibrant colors, and custom animations, Closer makes every part of the game (even learning the rules) an experience unlike any other. With hover effects and detailed rules, getting ready to play has never been more fun.

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