Chris Hare


A meticulous attitude and unbeatable skill set makes Chris an incredible asset to our team. Currently located in Wilmington, North Carolina, Chris is our Web Developer who creates the digital worlds to house our completed brands.

Chris loves when a project is able to give an amplified voice to clients who want to change the world. He’s a team player who always keeps the client’s main goals in mind, and infuses every step in his process with a growth mindset by keeping an eye out for the best tools and knowing when to utilize them.

Before Nominee, Chris received his degree and worked as a designer and developer for JourneyPure, a rehab network in Tennessee, Florida, and Kentucky. When he’s not creating custom websites, Chris can be found starting a game of ultimate frisbee, teaching his dog Zora how to swim, playing Valorant, or trying new foods around Wilmington - his favorite cuisine is Indian.

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